The final assignment for this semester is to do a project related to artificial neural networks. You will be expected to complete a mini-project on either a theoretical or an applied neural network problem. You are supposed to read up on the relevant literature, design a complete pipeline, implement the system, and evaluate it on synthetic or real-world data. The project is worth 30% of your grade and will be graded out of 30 points, with the breakdown below. You will collaborate in groups of 3-4 people with the help of our project mentors, and must deliver:

  1. A short (1-2 pages) project proposal [5 pts]
  2. A short (1-3 pages) intermediate report [0 pts]
  3. A final oral presentation [10 pts]
  4. A final report on your project [15 pts]

1. Project scope

The projects are flexible and adaptable to your interests:

Teams with 4 people are expected to do projects that are more somewhat more ambitious in scope than teams with 3 people. Feel free to confirm with our project mentors if you're unsure.

2. Project ideas

You may select any theoretical or applied neural network topic that is of interest to you, but some ideas to get you started:

Our project mentors will also pitch you some interesting research projects in class.